Intermittent River Biodiversity and Synthesis

IRBAS: Advancing the Science and Management of Intermittent Rivers

IRBAS gathers a research team of international, knowledgeable and productive scientists to achieve the IRBAS project objectives:

  • Discover and quantify biodiversity patterns and relationships in intermittent rivers

    • Compile and synthesize data on intermittent river biodiversity and habitat
    • Provide policy-makers and resource managers tools for effective management and restoration of intermittent rivers
    • Raise awareness about the importance of intermittent rivers with scientists, managers, and the public

Would you like to know more about IRBAS and how you can contribute to the synthesis of biodiversity data on intermittent rivers?

What are intermittent rivers? 

The importance of intermittent rivers

For enquiries:        Principal Investigator: Dr Thibault Datry        Email:

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